Etude House- Color in Liquid Lips Review


I’m desperately waiting for summer, but all I can do for now is to color my lips with the brightest shade of pink! Etude House released their new line of liquid lipsticks called “Color in Liquid Lips”. A little bit awkward to say, but this lip range has 20 glossy and high-pigmented colors that will pop, pop, pop! When I went to the shop to pick one up I was standing in front of the stand for almost an hour testing and picking which one I wanted… I think the store lady got a bit frustrated haha but I gotta do what I gotta do. Eventually after much wiping and applying, I chose PK004 Rose in Bloom. Krystal from the Korean girl group f(x) is the spokesmodel for Etude House’s new product and her picks are PK006 Always in Pink and OR205 Made in Sweet. Etude House is really pushing the “in” theme for the names. 😛


PK004 is one of the nine pink shades they have in this lip range. I would describe it as like a neon hot pink-watermelon. The color definitely brightened my complexion. The formula is very light and not at all sticky. It feels like a light dry oil texture. The color is very very bright and with one sweep of the teardrop shaped wand you can get a full coverage of color on your lips. DSCF6501DSCF6504I was really impressed with the color pay off when I was swatching the colors on my hand. Also, even after I wiped it off my lips it left a pretty pink stain so you can imagine how much pigment are packed in these 3.5 g tubes. These liquid lipsticks do not disappoint. With so many different colorful shades there is bound to be a shade for every skin tone. One thing to watch out for is that it will bleed a little into the lines around your lips because of the very liquid texture. So make sure you prep and prime your lips and if you have a clear lip liner line your lips. Other than that I love it! Definitely check these out in store if you can and it costs KRW 9,500. Such a deal for so much color!

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  1. This looks like fun. 🙂

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