Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

Hey you guys-uh! I got some things from BB Cosmetic again and one of the things I ordered was the Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask. I was super excited to try this since I was seeing all over social media and stuff. This costs 23,000KRW for 100ml of product. This mask can be used all over the face or on areas you want clarifying like your nose, forehead, and chin. The mask has added charcoal which helps clear and purify your skin. It also has glasswort extract (good for pimples), rhus javanica extract (antioxidant), persimmon leaf extract (anti-aging), cherry blossom (anti-inflammatory), lotus extract (antioxidant), camilla flower extract (nourishing), cosmos bipinnatus callus extract (hydrating), and rose extract (calming and hydrating).



The texture is slightly sticky and runny and when you apply it over the skin get gets into every crevice and wrinkle. You don’t need a thick layer and you can use your fingers or a pack brush to spread it over the skin. It takes about 15 mins to dry and as it dries it really tightens up! After it dries you have to peel it off. I start from the bottom edge and pull it up. It kinda hurts and I accidentally pulled out some of my eyebrow hairs…  🙁 However my skin felt soft afterwards. I’d have to say that it also felt a little dry. I would recommend it for oily and combination. For dry skin for me was OK however you need to tone and moisturize afterwards.


I didn’t have any pores that came out from the pack, but I did feel like my skin was cleaned up and my skin looked and felt much fresher. It wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was going to be, however I do think that it was effective and didn’t aggravate or irritate my skin. I could suggest that you apply the mask after steaming your face or do the mask after showering so that you’re pores are opened. Applying my makeup the next day was awesome because all of my dead skin got pulled off haha. I think it’s worth trying and if you want to try it you can purchase it on BB Cosmetic where I got mine. You can use this code “E3GWXIN81I“* until December 31st, 2016 to save some money on your purchase!

squeaky clean after toning and moisturizing!

*Just a disclaimer, I don’t get any money from these codes, depending on how many people use the code I get offered to try out some products and I get to write my opinion about them! So feel free to use or not use the code~ 😀

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