Easy Contouring with Make Up For Ever 4 in 1 Contour Palette

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I writing today to review yet another contouring product. This is the new  product I saw at the Make Up For Ever beauty counter inside my local department store. It’s the Pro Sculpting Palette which is a 4 in 1 face contouring kit. it combines a highlight, contour, shimmer, and color in an easy to use palette form. There are 4 different color ways to choose from, however in Korea you only get one choice, 20 Light, and you’ve guessed it the lightest one. BOO! Ugh, I hate that so much… There should have been at least one other choice. Seriously, it’s frustrating for a tan girl like me. Anyway, the palette color is fine on me albeit the highlight shade is very light almost whitish on my skin.


The palette cost 65,000KRW which is a hefty amount for 2.5g total and compared to other cream contouring palettes that have almost double the amount and a little less expensive. But then again the Pro Sculpting Palette does include a shimmer and color that other palettes might not include. The packaging is simple much like their other products, clear plastic cover with a black plastic bottom. Nothing fancy, professional, and the importance is put in the product, not so much the appearance. It also come with a contour guide for different face shapes which is useful if you’re trying out contouring for the first time or still a beginner.


Here are the color descriptions of the 20 Light palette. The highlight color is alabaster, a very light pinkish white. The contour is a neutral brown with a greyish undertone, which is good for contouring because it blends in with the natural shadows cast on your face. The shimmer is a pearly ivory, which I like a lot. Last is the color pan which is a basic peach. The palette is very pigmented and blends really nicely. I use my fingers to apply and blend it out with a blending sponge. It doesn’t feel sticky or too thick, it gives you a nice day satin finish. I will say however that it doesn’t seems like it lasts very long, after about 5-6 hours I couldn’t tell if I contoured or not. So that was a bummer.



Overall, I think this is a good product, perfect for beginners or the timid contourer. It is a bit pricy and isn’t very long lasting in my opinion, but if that isn’t a problem for  you then I would try it out because it’s so easy to use and conveniently packaged. I hope you found this review helpful!

What’s your favorite contouring product?

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