Easy As 1,2,3- How to Look Like a Bronzed Goddess!

Hey guys!

This is a follow up post on the bronzer post I wrote earlier this week. I will show you an easy step by step method to get you a sun kissed glow. Grab your bronzer and your brush and let’s get started!

Using the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun! and the Real Techniques blush brush
After you are done applying your base makeup (foundation, bb, tinted moisturiser, etc.) you’re going to start bronzing the face to give it more warmth and depth.

Prepped and ready to go 🙂

What we are going to be doing is shading a ‘3’ on the side of our face. I like to start with the center of the three which would be our cheeks. Just like you would apply blush, sweep the bronzer up toward the temples and then brush in a circular motion to blend it out.

I make this side fish face to give me a better look at where I should apply the product.
Step 1 done!
Now starting from the temples, move up towards the side of your forehead and brush closely along the hairline. Make sure you don’t bronze the whole forehead, you want the high points of your face to bright to give you a shapely looking forehead.

Start from the temples to connect with the cheek line.
Brush on the sides of your forehead and up towards the hair line.
The last part is the bottom of the three which is the jawline. Again starting from the temple, brush downward along the side of your face and the jawline. This will frame your face and complete the bronzed look. Make sure that all the shading is connected and fluid.

Again from the temples, sweep down as you follow the jawline.
We’re done!

You’re done! Easy as pie. I hope you enjoyed this pictorial and follow me on Instagram @ohmyglossblog and you can also see post updates on the Facebook page.


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