DUcare 10pc Makeup Brush Set Review and 30% Discount Code!

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday so here we go with another fabulous beauty review! So I’ll just start off by saying I got the DUcare 10pc makeup brush set as a gift in exchange for an honest review. I know that sometimes when bloggers state that at the end of a post it seems like the everything they said was a little over exaggerated, anyway that’s a topic for another day. This review will be a mix of pros and cons. If you care to know my opinions on this affordable brush set then please keep reading and to the end!

DUcare is a brand created by Shenzhen HOGIDO Technology Co., Ltd. This company has been specializing in makeup brushes for 30 years. They built their factory in the 1980s and have been making makeup brushes ever since.They manufacture 600,000 brushes a month and each brush goes through strict quality control. These are the facts, so let’s get to the nitty gritty review.


My first impression when I got the package was a little disappointing. The box it came in was a bit smashed around the corners and when I opened the box the smell was quite strong, probably from the faux leather brush pouch. However, the brushes inside were not damaged in anyway or smelled bad. Also the smell from the bush case subsides after you air it out a little. The case is actually quite cute, it’s lightweight, slim and about the size of a large wallet.


When I opened the pouch I was delighted to see each individual brushes packaged in a rose printed plastic covers. There are 10 brushes half of which are for larger areas of the face and the rest are for eyes, lips, and brows. The larger brushes include a large powder brush, flat foundation brush, angled blush/contour brush, and shaped foundation brush. The smaller ones include a lip liner brush, angled eye brow brush, detailed eye shadow brush, blending eye shadow brush, and a flat eye brow brush. The bristles are made with synthetic fibers and are super plush and flexible. The handles are tapered and very lightweight. I thought they were plastic but they are actually made of wood. The ferrule is made of silver aluminium.


The black and white coloring on some of the brushes were a little uneven, which I don’t think is a huge problem, but just aesthetically for me I wasn’t too happy about it. The cut of the brushes on a couple of them looked uneven, maybe because of the uneven coloring. Especially the shaped foundation brush to me was not best, it almost looks like the angled blush/contour brush.




Everything  I wrote above was more of a superficial review, however brushes aren’t meant to be looked at they are meant to be used! I tried all of the brushes in one sitting and did a full face makeup. I was actually really surprised… they were quite good! There was hardly any hair fallout fallout from the brushes, I counted 3 hairs out of the whole set. I could tell that they were really sturdy. The brushes picked up a lot of color as well and distributed my makeup evenly and not streaky. Also, they feel SUPER soft on my face. Performance wise I don’t have any complaints. Even the shaped foundation brush was not bad, surprisingly.  I have to say that these are good brushes!


This makeup look is not my best. I just used what was in front of me to test out the brushes haha 😉

They work well with both cream and powder type makeup and I think the set is versatile. It’s for sure not a complete set, but you can create a lot of looks with it. My favorite brush from this set would have to be the flat foundation brush, angled blush/contour brush, and the blending eye shadow brush. The flat foundation brush blended and buffed my liquid foundation really nicely on my skin. The blush/contour brush was the perfect size for contouring under the cheekbones and you can use it as a blush brush and a highlighting brush. The eye shadow blending brush is small enough to fit into my crease. I also gave them a wash and I swear only two hairs fell out, I was extremely pleased by how well the bristles stayed intact within the ferrule.


The final verdict is that while aesthetically it has some minor drawbacks, the performance of the brushes exceeds its expectation! They are far from being categorized as low quality makeup brushes. For $29.99 it’s a really good price for those of you who are looking to buy a basic set of makeup brushes or those of you who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis and don’t want to invest in an expensive brush set. You can get this set or other similar sets on Amazon (http://amzn.to/29OrtD4), also save 35% off with this discount code X5A6SF77.

I hope that you found this review helpful! Buying makeup brushes can be a tedious task and I hope you can try out the DUcare brushes for your self.

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