Drug Store Brand Essence Haul and Review


Today I’m writing about some stuff I picked up from from Watsons drug store here in Korea. I was looking around and I stop to see what the Essence brand had on their shelf and I’m a sucker for budget cosmetics, actually I’m a sucker for all kinds of cosmetics. Hahaha. Anyway! I picked up 2 gel eye pencils in 06 cocoa bean, 05 gunmetal, and 03 Urban Jungle, a 2 in 1 Eyeliner pen, 2 big bright eyes crayons in 01 nude and 02 pearly, and lastly an eye shadow palette in 02 nudes.

The total cost came out to be around 25,000KRW because there was a discount and I got an extra 10% off because of a end of year promotion. So I was a happy girl. But even without the discounts it come out to 27,500KRW. So as you can see this brand is very affordable. You might be thinking that if cosmetics are that cheap then the quality is going to go down and it’s true to some degree, but not always. Let’s get in to the review.


The gel pencils are waterproof and has a nice creamy texture. They have 6 colors to choose from and are well pigmented.I think the gel liners are pretty good! It doesn’t smudge, dry fast, waterproof, and glides easily on the lids. Also, the packaging is convenient that you don’t have to sharpen it, it has a twisty up thing at the bottom. These gel lines were actually winners of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards in 2014. So for 4,500KRW each it’s a good buy.


Next is the 2 in 1 eyeliner pen. I gotta say that is it probably my least favorite out of the things that I bought. The eyeliner liquid didn’t come out very evenly and I feel that the fine tip was not good or thin enough. The color was also not black enough for me. It was just meh. I think the idea was good, but it lacks in quality. This one was 5,500KRW.


The Big Bright Eyes crayons were a good buy as well. The nude one is more creamier that the pearly one. both are easy to blend and to apply. I just swipe it around the inner corners, on the brow bone, the bottom water line and with the nude one you can use it as a light concealer to brighten up the eye area.


Last is the Nudes eye shadow palette. There was a bronze version, but I liked the matte colors in the nude one so I got that. The colors pigments are okay not amazing but its quite soft. Which I think is appropriate since it is a nude color palette. The powder formula is very silky and blends well. I like it well enough, and it costing only 6,000KRW it makes me like it a lot more.

Be sure to check this line if you’re ever near a Watsons. I hope you like this post and be sure to check me out on Instagram @ohmyglossblog and my Facebook page for daily updates and pictures! Thanks for reading!

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