Don’t Broworry! Brow Tinting at Home with Etude House 

Hi y’all!

Last Saturday I was browsing around Etude House and I was very peculiar product, Tint My Brows Gel. I’ve see liquid brow tints and brush pens that dispense tinting product, but this one is a gel type that comes with a brush applicator. I usually fill and outline my brows with a brow pencil every day as my daily makeup routine. But there are times when I just don’t want to do it… So I decided to give this a go!


They have 3 colors to choose from, 01 Brown, 02 Light Brown, and 03 Gray Brown. I got number 3 because the shop didn’t have number 1 and i thought it would be okay with my hair color since my roots are showing and I have some ash color that’s left from my previous hair dye session. To be honest I was a little nervous about the color but I really wanted to try it and it would only be temporary.


The consistency is like lip gloss and when you run it through the brows it feels very sticky at first but once you get a good amount on it becomes slicker. The instructions said to dry it for 2 hours or if you wanted a stronger color you can sleep with it on after you let it dry for a bit. The tint is quite strong because when I brushed some on my hand to check the color I immediately wiped it off and it left a mark. Because this was my first time I decided to only leave is on for two hours.


When applied it I didn’t put a lot on the front of my eyebrows because I wanted a light fade. The brush is thin enough to apply to the end of the brows and it’s a good size to apply it on your brows. Some tips would be to start on the widest part of your brow and then pull it out towards the end. The directions also say that the eyebrows and the skin underneath should be clean and not oily. So put it on after you’ve washed your face with soap or a oil-free cleanser.


After the two hours, I gently peeled it off starting from the tail of the eyebrow towards the front. Then I wiped my eyebrow with a wet cotton pad to get the left over dried bits off. I have to say that it looked pretty good! It was lighter than I thought it would come out. I think next time I will leave it on overnight. Also, it has good ingredients like sunflower, spadeleaf or centella, and green tea extract to nourish the skin and eyebrows.

Top: Before Bottom: After

I applied it on Sunday night and my brow is still tinted! So i think it will last for maybe a week. I think the tint color looks very natural. I would recommend it for those who don’t like to do their brows everyday, those who have to retouch their eyebrows often, or  those who don’t wear a lot of makeup but would like shapely brows. I think it is a product that works well and isn’t invasive like eyebrow tattooing. It goes for 8,500KRW at Etude House, so it’s a pretty cheap product anyone can buy for themselves.

Let me know if you have questions about this or you would like me to review something in the future!
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