Cushion Review: Laneige BB Cushion [Antiaging]

Hey guys! I did it again… I’m posting late. Sorry this will not be a regular thing. I’ve been feeling sick and not very motivated to sit and write. However, I am putting all of that aside and writing a new post for my awesome readers near and far. Today I will be reviewing the Laneige BB cushion [Antiaging]. This isn’t a new product or anything but it’s one of those cushions that I’ve repurchased/bought refills. If you’re considering a new cushion or new to this Korean beauty phenomenon then keep reading!


Laneige has three types of BB cushions whitening, pore control, and antiaging. The whitening and pore control ones are 37,000KRW which includes the cushion case and an extra refill (19,000KRW for one refill). The antiaging one is 40,000KRW which includes the cushion case and an extra refill (20,000KRW). All three lines have 5 colors, 11 Light Beige, 13 True Beige, 21 Natural Beige, 21P Pink Beige, and 23 Sand Beige. I of course had no problems finding a correct shade because I’m ‘dark’ and the darkest shade available is 23. Also all of them have SPF 50+PA+++ which is very high protection from UV light. The case is the same for all three types except the antiaging one is silver so that you know that it’s for those of us who are wary of the fact we must overcome signs of ageing and stop it at all costs… hahaha. There’s nothing special about the case or the inside of it, just comes with your standard cushion puff, built-in mirror, and BB cushion. The smell is a fresh (albeit powdery) floral smell which I like and don’t mind.


The antiaging is formulated with their Dynamic Collagen EX which is the main ingredient in the Time Freeze line. So it’s supposed to make your skin youthful and unaffected by ageing. Uh… that’s a very big claim Lanegie. Anyway, I won’t say that I haven’t seen results, but it does look good on my skin and makes my skin look good too. It’s very moisturising and has a very dewy finish. One thing about this though is that it doesn’t dry/set fast enough. I have to wait a little bit to set areas with a powder if I’m using this as foundation for a full makeup look. It also has mineral water and is supposed to have a cooling effect, I don’t think it’s that cooling, but maybe I’m dead inside… haha jokes. The coverage is pretty good medium and covers up my dark circles about 80% which is very good in my books.  It lasts a long time I can go a full 8-10 hour day without having to touch up.



I think this is one of my favorite cushions out on the Korean market, but I am saying this knowing that I haven’t tried that many cushions. However for me personally, this one has alot of great skincare ingredients, great for my dry ageing skin *sulk*, the color is a perfect shade for me, and I trust this brand. When I say perfect shade what I mean is that the 23 shade in the Lanegie BB cushion line is a little bit deeper than other 23 shades. So that makes it a favorite of mine. I recommend this for those in their mid 20s to late 30s with drier skin. If you have oily/combination skin this might make your skin unintentionally greasy, so just beware of that. I hope this posts helps in your search for a good BB cushion! Thanks for reading :).

What are your favorite BB cushion products?

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  1. Have you tried April Skin Magic Cushion? Can you do a review on it?

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