Cushion Review: Hanyul Luminant Cushion Cover

Hey guys! This will be a series of reviews on cushions that have and will purchase in the future. So be sure to check every so often and read all about it! Okay, let’s get started.



The Hanyul Luminant cushion cover is one of the two the cushion product that Hanyul offers. The other one is has less coverage than this one. Hanyul’s focus on using ingredients sourced from Korea makes this cushion special to me. I really love it when Korean products have a ‘Korean-ness’ to it. This cushion has natural pearl mineral powder which brightens and creates a luminous glow to the skin and lotus flower water that was used by generations of Korean women as a beauty water to help the rest of the makeup go on and adhere well.

When I bought at my neighborhood Aritaum store it came in a box that included an extra refill for the case. Each refill is about 15g so in total you’ll be getting 30g of product for 40,000KRW which also include the case. Each refill after that costs 18,000KRW. The packaging is a light peach color with two different textures, a glossy and a matte halves of the cover of the compact.¬†There are two colors to choose from 21 and 23 both are on the lighter side. I bought the 23 shade and it’s a shade lighter than my skin tone. The cushion has SPF 50+ PA+++ so it’s fine to wear alone without putting on extra sunscreen as your base.

The texture is slightly thicker than most cushions but wearing it during the skin doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The formula is made with a patented silk oil that gives my skin a over nice dewy look. It’s not overwhelmingly dewy that makes you look like you have oily skin. It dries off to a natural finish, but it doesn’t feel that your skin is drier than it was when you first applied it. The coverage is quite good considering that it is on the moist side. It covers my dark circles 75% and covers my little sunspots completely. The great thing about this cushion is that it doesn’t settle in to the fine lines and it helps cover them. I don’t know how to explain it, but it coats the wrinkles to make your skin look more smoother and therefore younger and supple looking. Because of this I would recommend this cushion for mature skinned women.

Overall I would give this cushion a A- rating. I do wish it was more true to color, if I had to number it I would say the 23 should have been a 22. I’m hoping to make some kind of chart in the future once I write more cushion reviews. Thank you reading guys!

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