Clio Professional Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

I always love a good concealer and I’m here to tell you a great Korean brand concealer that is quite possibly comparable to my favourite NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. This was just a random purchase when I went on my mini makeup shopping spree. I had such a hard time choosing what shade I wanted to get. I wanted to get a brighter shade than the NARS concealer that I already had so that I could get a more multi-dimentional look. I got the color, 3-BY Linen which is  about 2-3 shades lighter than my foundation. The color that are available in Korea are 2 lingerie, 3 linen, 4 ginger, and 5 sand. This color has yellow tone when you apply it but then it dries a bit whiter.


It is very full coverage and dries to a matte finish. If you like a dewy look I would suggest applying the concealer first then going over it with your foundation. It does a very good job of covering my very dark circles under my eyes. One layer is enough to cover up the darkness. But I do have to color correct before I apply the concealer so I don’t end up looking up pasty white. It dries pretty quickly but it layers quite well without clumping.


Even though it dries matte I would still set it with a translucent powder so it doesn’t settle in the lines but do that earlier before it dries completely. The concealer lasted a long time. Also, It is much cheaper than the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, it’s 16,000KRW. I think I would continue to use my NARS during the winter because it is more moisturising,  but I think when summer rolls around it would be a better consistency to use in humid weather. I would suggest it for oilier skin types but it can still work with other skin types as well.

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