Clio Pro Layering Eye Palette Review

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a good week! If you follow me on social media you might know that I’m doing a beauty contest/workshop with Beauty Meets, a Korean beauty media agency, and I had such a long night yesterday learning about how to better film YouTube videos and editing and such. It was so good but also very overwhelming. Hahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to share what’s been going on with you guys before I started this post 🙂


So, I’m reviewing the Clio Pro Layering Eye Palette. There are three different color palettes to choose from, 01 Originality, 02 Handcraft, and the newest release this month 03 Softish. Originality is a variation of browns, Handcarft is a mix of rosy browns and muted pinks, and Softish is a pink-coral colorway. I bought the second one, Handcraft, at a Watsons because it was on sale. I kinda of wish I saw the new one before I got the one I got though just because it was new hahaha. Each palette comes with 10 shades varying from matte and shimmer. The one I have has 4 shimmery shades and the rest are matte. The case is quite slim so it doesn’t take up too much space.


I’m going to speak for the Originality Palette as I review the Handcraft one because they were released together, but as for Softish because it’s newer I don’t think I should assume that it is the same as two previous. The texture is a bit powdery, so applying eye primer beforehand is recommended. The pigmentation is OK, but not great. Especially the matte colors are really hard to get the opacity I want. I have to layer a couple times to get good color payoff. Blendability is average, it’s probably due to the light pigmentation. I also feel that some of the color go on a bit patchy. The eye shadow worn alone doesn’t last very long. For ‘pro’ palette it does not live up to its name. I was a little disappointed because the colors in the palette is really pretty and very wearable for anyone but it performs on the eyes quite poorly. I’m not saying it’s unusable, I just expected better. Each palette costs 32,000KRW. TBH not worth it.

Here are the color profiles:

Elm-base color matte light beige

Sandstone- beige pink with gold shimmer undertones (very similar with Sandy beach)

Sandy beach- peach pink shimmer with slightly larger white glitter

Rose wood- matte reddish brown

Willow- matte warm cocoa

Limba-matte muted salmon

Ekki-matte light dusty rose

Malas- pink brown with micro shimmer

Wildness-dark brown pink with pink reflects

Granite- dark eggplant (looks a bit muddy)

I hope this was helpful! If you already have this palette or you still want to purchase this palette I do have a tutorial on my YouTube channel. You can skip to 2:50 to looks at the eye part 🙂


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  1. thanks for sharing!
    so helpful! 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  2. Great video. I like the palette. What is the name of that shade innisfree cream mellow lipstick?

  3. Does lipstick get stuck in the lines of your lips? Mine looks so dry and you can see lipstick more in lines. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Trish Nguyen says: Reply

    Is the palette pigmented and as good as lorac?

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