Clio Kill Cover Airwear Protexture Foundation Review

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I usually never looked at foundation from Korean brands because of the limited shades that were available, but since living in Korea my skin has gotten a bit lighter and I started looking for cheaper options than the department store brands. So one of the foundation I got to review for you guys is the Clio Professional Kill Cover Airwear Protexture Foundation. That was a mouthful… Anyway, I got it at a discounted price of 25,000KRW at Olive Young, but the full price is 32,000KRW. It comes in a kit form with a (free?) brush. To be honest I bought this foundation because I wanted to try the brush out more than the foundation hahaha.

Ok enough of that… There are three shades of “Asian fairness” you can choose from they are 2-BP Lingerie, 3-BY Linen, and 4-BO Ginger. My only option out of the three was Ginger because It’s an equivalent to a 23 shade in Korea and that’s the darkest it gets. This foundation is said to be buildable medium to full coverage foundation that is light as air that also formulated with ingredients to help whiten skin, help with wrinkles, and protect against outside stressors. It says that 43% of the formula is essence oils and instead of normal purified water it’s made with mineral water. Even though it says it has all these nourishing ingredients I think for people with dry skin like myself, prep your skin and moisturise before applying the foundation. Right now since it’s winter I can’t apply this without having to prepping my skin with a hydrating cream and a primer.DSCF8172

unintentional heart

The foundation looks quite small, but it’s 35 ml which is a standard amount. The texture is very runny and when you apply it has a dry oil kind of feel to it, then it dries to a semi-matte texture. Smells pleasant to me, like a sweet fresh floral smell. The coverage is not to shabby, for the runny texture it had I was surprised how well it covered my face without going over it more than once. The foundation didn’t crack on my skin and stayed put all day without darkening effects. The color is a shade lighter than my natural skin tone but the colour stayed true all day. It wasn’t uncomfortable to wear because the texture is so light and airy. It was just not creamy/hydrating enough on its own on my skin.DSCF8170

blended out

Now let’s talk about this brush that got me interested in getting this foundation in the first place. It looks like a flat top brush with a hole in the middle. The function of the hole is to place a few drops of the foundation into it and then apply it to the face. The brush is soft but slightly scratchy and a little bit stiff. I was a little disappointed when I first used it because the thing is that the foundation formula is so runny it just sank to the bottom of the brush head and it was annoying to have to press the brush so hard to the skin. I think it would have been better if it was just a normal flat head brush. However, after a while I got use to it and it seems ok. I’ve used it with other foundations but it gets a bit streaky in my opinion. So the brush should not be why you get this foundation. Lesson learned.

left side is when you apply it on the skin first, right side is blended out.

My final thoughts on this is that I like the foundation, it’s a little bit on the dry side for my skin, but for other skin types it’s pretty good. The brush is okay, it’s more of a novelty brush. For the price that I got it for it’s a decent foundation but the con is not enough shades to pick from. Yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite foundation but it’s not bad either. If you want to read a review of the Clio Professional Kill Cover liquid concealer then click here~

Let me know if you have questions about this or you would like me to review something in the future!
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6 Replies to “Clio Kill Cover Airwear Protexture Foundation Review”

  1. got review like nv review lydat. What’s ur conclusion? U said “brush, brush is more of a novelty brush. Final verdict? Not my favorite BUT ITS NOT BAD”
    Like seriously!?
    Pls brush up on ur vocabs & describe more, honestly I can literali imagine you giving the same review, same comments if i were to pass u any other foundations.

    1. Hey Cherie!
      First of all, thank you for visiting my blog! Here are my answers to your comment.

      1. The conclusion is that it’s not the best foundation I’ve bought because it didn’t suit my dry skin type, but that doesn’t make it a bad foundation, so that why I wrote “but it’s not bad”. I won’t bash a product because it doesn’t suit me you know? It could work wonderfully on someone with a different skin type.

      2. What I meant when I wrote “novelty brush” was that the brush was just there as an accessory to sell the product in my opinion. Over time I stopped using it because it’s a novelty item like in a McDonald’s Happy Meal. You want to get the meal because of the toy, but after a while it loses it’s appeal.

      I’ll just end with this, there are thousands of beauty bloggers out there so if you think that my blog isn’t right for you then the Internet is your oyster~! Your words on the web speaks volumes to the people who read it, so be kind. 🙂 Anyway, I hope that clears up what I wrote in my blog! Have a great day!

  2. Hi there, just ignore such people. I personally like your review and will think twice before purchasing this. I was thinking of getting it because of the brush because I didn’t want to dirty my hands when applying foundation.

    1. Maybe try with a beauty blender instead of a brush and see how it goes?

      1. Thanks I’ll try that! 😀

  3. Oh5sarah
    I thought it was a great review and i understood every word and every sentence. I only wished i read this b4 buying the product…lol i too bought it because of the brush, I havnt used it yet hopefully when i do i would like it more than what you did. Lucky me i bought it on a blow out sale the store was having!!! (I bought it for $10) Again it was a good review

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