Korean product review: Those night when you want to go straight to bed…

Hey guys,

This is a review of the Velvizo Magic Cleansing Water and their Marine Spa Vital Mask.collage

Velvizo is a Korean skincare brand that is selling at Shinsaegae Department stores that uses natural marine fucoidan, brown algae or seaweed, to revitalise your skin. I received the magic cleaning water which is their best rated product. When it comes to cleansing, I think most all Korean women are on top of it. For me it is one of the most important part of my skin care routine. With all the makeup I put on, I thoroughly cleanse my face with three steps. First, I have a separate lip and eye makeup remover, then I use a cleansing wipe for the face and any left over residue on my eyes and lips, and lastly I wash my face with a mild soap. Now when I got the magic cleansing water I was a little skeptical because it claimed to be a one step cleansing product. But I gave it a shot and without removing anything I wet my face and went straight in with the cleanser.


When you pump out the cleanser its looks like syrupy water and once you start rubbing it foams up really well in to micro bubbles. So after a couple mins of massaging I rinsed off and I was really amazed how clean my face looked. It definitely has a squeaky but not dry feeling on the skin. But you know just because it looks clean doesn’t mean that it is. So with a cotton pad that I soaked with my toner, I went ahead and gently wiped my face and the crevices of my nose to make sure nothing was left over. When I checked there was nothing! I was very impressed, a product that delivers!

squeaky clean!


I actually used it this morning as well because I liked the feeling after cleansing. I think its gentle enough to use in the morning and night. I will have to test it out a little more though. But for an end of the day cleansing it’s great! I recommend this cleanser to those of you who don’t have the energy to do a full clean or can’t be bothered with multiple cleansing. The have three different types of the cleanser, original formula for normal to oily skin, sensitive for dry and sensitive skin, and refresh formula for normal or stressed skin. I wish I could try all of them and tell you the differences!

Bonus! With the cleansing formula I got a box of the Velvizo Marine Spa Vital Mask. So after the toner I put one on. This mask sheet is to calm and moisturise the skin. Something that I needed that day. The mask is 100%cotton and free of parabens, dyes, mineral oil, and benzopsenon. It contains lots of skin soothing ingredients like Camomile extract, witch hazel, and aloe vera. It felt really nice and refreshing afterwards, super moist. I finished off with a watery cream and went straight to bed…




Go to www.velvizo.com for more information. Again I was sent these items from Velvizo but what I wrote was 100% unbiased. I think these are great Korean skincare products. I hope you will get to try it out for yourself. You can find them at Shinsaege Department stores~

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Misusing the Word ‘Natural’ in Beauty and Makeup


Disclaimer-I’m gonna write in a collective manner so don’t get offended, it’s just easier for me to write this way.

In this post I want to share and discuss the idea and saturation of the word “natural” in the beauty and makeup industry and just in everyday beauty talk. i’m not talking about makeup made from natural ingredients, I’m talking about silly things like “natural smoky eye” or “natural contouring”. First of all, “natural makeup” is an oxymoron. Who ever came up with it is a genius because it definitely sells. Maybelline came up with their slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” and I think this is the most honest beauty slogan that’s out there. Because for me it’s a whole lotta Maybelline and other cosmetics that make me look real “natural” for sure. Even if its not makeup I use a crap ton of skincare products and masks to make my skin look “naturally” beautiful. Hahaha do you see what I mean?

If only hahahaha!

It’s just really funny to me that even though we know makeup is not natural we instantly fall in to the idea of looking naturally beautiful is a good thing. As I woke up to write this post I looked in the mirror to see how beautiful I looked bare faced. I saw a very cranky, tired, and puffy looking face staring at back at me. Truly natural. I think we are obsessed over this idea of being naturally beautiful when we live in such a counterfeit society. I would never think that being natural or how God created me had standards of beauty. Who are we to standardize how or what natural beauty should look like. if we keep exploiting this word into our makeup and beauty language how are we to fully embrace (like it or not) how we look natural.

Even when men say that they like natural makeup most of them don’t know what they are talking about because of the constant misuse of this word. It takes just as much makeup and effort to do a natural look. I know that you know that makeup isn’t natural, but how long are we going to let this lie go on? Can’t we just be proud that we wear makeup because we want to make ourselves look better than we woke up? I’m just saying lets not hide or lessen the fact that some of us wear a lot of makeup to look “natural”. There’s no shame in makeup.

Sure, I’m guilty of using this word to describe my makeup because it’s just so easy to use , but I think I will definitely think about how I use this word from now on. Let’s give natural back its intended meaning and just find a better word to describe this look what we presently call “natural”.

What do you think? I’m really curious to know what you think about this.

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How To Make Most of Your Beauty Sleep…zzzz

Hello Beauties!

I love to sleep and I feel like I’m not getting enough z’s these days, so my skin is suffering from the lack of a restful nights sleep. So if you feel like me, I have a wonderful remedy that will make your skin soft and smooth and refreshed in the morning, even if you only got less than a full eight hours of sleep. This miracle remedy I speak of is the sleeping pack! Sleeping packs are facial creams that you put on at night before you sleep. So as you sleep and rest, your skin will absorb the nutrients in the cream and by the time you wake up your skin will be nourished and ready for the day.kj

kuI received the BRTC vitalizer whitening sleeping pack from winning their Facebook event thingy and tried it on Thursday night. Next morning, even after just one time, my face was super duper smooth and putting on my make up was amazing. My skin felt so soft and the texture of my skin felt refined and revitalised! I’ve tried sleeping packs from Laniege and Etude House and they were both good but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this big of a difference from just one time. My pores looked smaller too! I think the difference is that this particular one is formulated with a lot of skin nutrients. It has ECOCERT-certified lavender water that will de-stress the skin, seaberry extract to soften the skin. It has three different kinds of oil, macadamia, argan, and avocado. Also, it has vitamin E capsules, tons of other vitamins, and vitamin tree fruit extracts. Another thing is that this mask is not as sticky as the ones I’ve tried previously.

Just washed my hair… hahaha anyway, it’s super easy to use!

It’s really easy to use, you don’t have to unfold mask sheets or wait around to take it off either. Just use it at the end of your night skincare routine. Massage it on to your skin and hop in to bed! The next morning you can rinse off with warm water and you’ll look like you got a full nights rest, or at least your skin will look and feel rested. It can get a bit oily so if you have oily skin it might not be the best thing for you. But for those who have dry skin like me it’s a really nice pick me up during the week. One more tip! Don’t apply it right before you sleep, I give it at least 10 to 15 mins for the cream to absorb so it won’t get all over your pillow case. You can get this BRTC sleeping pack on their website.

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Korean beauty: 30 Day Dark Circles Challenge!

Hey guys!

So earlier this week I got a gift package from Kocostar, a Korean cosmetic brand that was launched in 2001 that specializes in beauty packs from head to toe. I recently reviewed their home salon hair pack  and I took an interest in their other products and they kindly sent me their newest product, the 6 Way Hydro Gel Eyepatch. This is called the 6 Way because you can put the patches on 3 pairs of different areas on your face. The eye lids, under eyes, and the sides of your mouth. I have dark eye circles for days and although I can’t thicken the skin under my eyes I can make it appear brighter with concealer, but also with targeted skin care. Koreans are all about masks and packs. I try to do a mask pack every week so that that my skin can get the nutrients it needs and give me 30 mins out of the week to relax. And what’s a better way to relax than with gold jelly patches for your eyes! So let me tell you more about them.

Kocostar 6 Way Hydrogel eye patch

The eye patches come in a cute pink and white container with a camilla pattern on top. Once you open it there is a protective lid and a eye patch scooper. The eye patches are stacked into four stacks with two differently shaped patches in each layer. The smaller one is for the eyelids and the larger patch is for underneath the eye. It has a soft floral scent and looks really pretty! You feel fancy putting glittery gold patches on your eyes too. A lil bling bling for your dark circles…


The patches are made of hydrogel that with adhere to your skin that’ll make sure that all the goodness of the patches will be soaked directly into your skin. Also, because it’s jelly like, it give a cooling effect when you put it around your eyes which will help with puffiness. The hydrogel packs are saturated with a beauty essence that has 5 main active ingredients. Peony, phillinus, ginseng, and baikal skullcap extract, as well as gold. These natural ingredients will help the thin-skinned eye area by toning, conditioning, detoxifying, brightening, and firming.

feels so cool~

To apply you have to use the little scooper to lift off the hydrogel pack. Then carefully place the hydrogel under the eyes and also the lids. Wait and relax for about 20-30 mins then gently peel it off and tap away the excess essence with your fingertips. I’ve tried eye patches before this one is really great for two reasons, it doesn’t have a mesh sheet to hold the hydrogel intact and it’s thin so it’s more flexible to the contour of your eye area. Also, because of the thinness it adheres to the skin better and it won’t slide down or fall off your face while you’re doing something with it on.

The container has 120 patches that would last for 30 days, one layer of four patches each day. So I’m going to do this for 30 days. I started yesterday so I will let you know the results on Saturday August 15th! You can get this and do it with me here. I’m not sure if it’s out globally yet but in Korea it goes for 18,000KRW.

I hope to see some good results and I can’t wait to share with you in a months time! Hopefully with brighter looking eyes. 🙂

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Back-ne and/or butt-ne got you down? Read this!


Hey y’all~ it’s the weekend and this week was the official start of summer! So clearly it’s time to head to the beach or go to the pool. For some this is exciting news but for others it is a nightmare having to expose our backne or buttne. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the terms backne and buttne, I’m talking about acne/pimples/clogged pores on your back and butt. I don’t think there’s a classier way to say it. Anywho, I have a mild case of back-ne. I can feel the bumps and I feel they’re blocked pores and it’s not a pleasing sight or touch. It’s dry, patchy, bumpy. Not my cup of tea you know?

My back is usually fine in Fall and Winter but when Spring and Summer rolls around, the skin on my back reacts to the changes in climate. I’m not sure about y’all, but this time of the year it tends to get worse because of the humidity and sweat. So what I do to fight this problem of mine is that I treat it just as I would if I had acne on my face. I wash my back with a cleanser with salicylic acid to help open clogged pores, neutralize the bacteria and preventing the area from clogging again. I use the Vichy Labratories Normaderm anti-imperfection deep cleansing foaming cream, 24,000KRW at Olive Young. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I go in with this product at the very end of my shower routine to wash away any hair product off my back. I also try to avoid getting shampoo and especially conditioner on my back. I rinse with my head down so that any other product except for bodywash and the foam cleanser is on my skin. I’m not 100% sure that this works but I like to believe it does. Our skin is a really tough organ but we have to be gentle with the stuff our skin can get in contact with.

I’ve also recently bought a brush back scrubber. Sometimes it can be hard to throughly clean the middle of your back so the extended handle of the back scrubber helps me reach these places as well as getting extra exfoliation. Plus it’s a great back scratcher hahaha. I got mine at the main store Olive Young in Myeongdong for about 14,000KRW.



So if you have any backne or buttne problems, try a salicylic acid wash and try to keep the area clean from any other products that might aggravate the area. Also, remember to dry those areas as soon as you get out of the shower and use a light body lotion or maybe a dray oil spray so your skin can be moisturised but at he same time breathe. Now are you ready for summer? Try it out and see if your skin is swimsuit ready 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!

Don’t Forget The Toner!

Yay it’s the weekend!

Toner is one of those skincare products that causes a little confusion and a bad rep when you first start to build your basic skin care kit. When I say confusion I mean that there are some people who don’t think toners are necessary for lots of different reasons such as they’ve heard that toners are bad for your skin, they think it’s just fancy water, or they just don’t know what it does so they don’t use it. Well I’m here today to let you know what toner is and what it does for your skin and why it should be a part of your skincare routine.

What is toner?

Toner is a kind of watery lotion for the skin used after cleansing and before moisturising. It is used to restore the PH balance to the skin after cleansing. Nowadays because there are PH balanced cleaners on the market, toners have been upgraded to give extra nutrients to the skin and to help smooth and refresh the skin. There are three kinds of toners; astringents, tonics, and water based alcohol-free toners.

Astringent toners are the harshest on the skin because of the high alcohol content. Astringents like witch hazel shrinks and constricts the skin, so people with oily and blemish prone skin use it to get rid of excess oil and shrink pores. A lot of skin gurus and dermatologists suggest avoiding alcohol based toners because it is too harsh on the skin and and it has no other benefits other than drying out your face. I’ve used astringents when I was in my teens dealing with pimples and it would always dry out my skin too much.

Tonics are a little less harsh than astringents but still contain some alcohol. It usually has some kind of fragrance to make your skin feel like it being refreshed but it doesn’t do much other than that. Also, I hate putting overly perfumed skin stuff on my face because it can irritate my skin. Basically, these kinds of toners are perfumed water for your face. No, thank you.

Last but not least, there are the water based alcohol-free toners which I use  after every face wash. These toners are the gentlest on your skin and helps retain moisture on your face because of humectant ingredients. Toners like these don’t pull on your skin like astringents. It balances the skin and preps your skin for your moisturiser. I really think that poorly formulated and harsh toners like the ones I mentioned before misinform the benefits of using a toner for your face.

My toner 🙂
I am currently using Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner that I bought at an Olive Young in Korea for about 26,000KRW. It’s not your average toner, it has humectants and sufactants to keep your skin perfect-ant… hahaha! Any who, this is an alcohol-free toner and has three key ingredients APG-Complex, Gluco-Glycerol, and Hyaluronic Acid. The APG-complex is a mild surfactant that cleans the skin of any leftover residue from initial cleansing. Gluco-glycerol stimulates your skins water control and the Hyaluronic Acid retain the moisture in the skin. I use a cotton pad to gently wipe and apply the toner to my face. It’s a really great toner and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a toner makeover.

My Summer 2015 Top 5 Wish list!

Happy days everyone!

So I was online shopping and wondering what I should write about next, I had a great idea that I would share some of the things that are on my makeup wish list. If anyone want to gift/send for review these items I will gladly receive with open arms… hahaha. But seriously, contact me ;P

1. ColourPop eyeshadows!

Eye shadow in Lovely

This company has been popping up in my Instagram feed like everyday. They have a bunch of yummy colors that I want to try. All of the swatches look really nice and pigmented so I want to try it out for myself. You can go to www.colourpop.com and order online and a single shadow costs $5.00USD. Such a bargain! They also ship to Australia and New Zealand so that’s pretty awesome. (Even though I don’t live in NZ anymore! Haha) Unfortunately they don’t ship to Korea yet… but I will figure out a way to get my hands on them!

2. NARS Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder


Well it’s new and limited edition so why shouldn’t it be on my wish list! Laguna is an iconic NARS product and shade and this limited edition comes with a mini Ita kabuki brush. I love it when things come with brushes. Also, this one has a larger color pan than the original without the brush. It goes for a hefty $59.00USD but I think it’s worth it for the awesome golden glow I’ll get all summer long.

3. Surrat Beauty Artistique Highlight Brush

I’m a sucker for brushes made in Japan because I know it’s gonna be bomb quality! Also, I love a good highlight on my face so this highlight brush was calling my name. Especially in summer you want to look glowy so this is the brush to make it happen. It’s made with squirrel hair so it’s gonna be super plush. The one thing is that because it’s so awesome it costs $115.00USD. But I still want it anyway.

4. Foreo LUNA Mini


I really do like a good clean after wearing makeup for the whole day. Also, cleansing is the most important part of my skincare routine. No matter what I always clean and rinse my face morning and night. This mini silicone disk uses a trademarked T-Sonic pulsations to deeply but gently clean your skin. The mini has two sides, a cleaning brush surface and a deep cleaning surface. I know Clarisonic is the big name in skin cleaning tools, but Foreo is definitely making a big change to how we wash our face without having to replace brush-heads. After a full charge you can use it about 300 time so it’s great for summer trips! This mini goes for 139.00USD


5.Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss

Summer is the best time to wear bright lip gloss. Wait… that’s just an excuse. It’s always a good time to wear bright lip gloss! That’s a fact. So the new line of glosses from Urban Decay is to die for! There are 14 high-pigment glosses and it comes in an awesome flat shaped tube so it’s easy to carry around a couple lip glosses in your summer clutch. They’re 22.00USD a pop and  I WANT THEM ALL!

Punch Drunk
Big Bang

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Why you should exfoliate

batch_DSCF7003It’s springtime in Korea and even though the weather is sunny and there are occasional rain showers the air is still very drying. The problem with my skin these days are dry spots around my face and skin and that’s a nightmare when you are applying makeup. It alerts people that I have a dry patch. So to fix this problem I’ve been doing scrubs 3-4 days a week and hydrating my skin as much as possible.

So, why should you scrub? Exfoliating will get rid of uneven layers of dead skin so that fresh new skin cells underneath can come through. For women and men alike if you don’t want dull or old looking skin then you gotta exfoliate. Also of those who shave their face scrubbing during the week will help with ingrown hairs.

There are so many kinds of scrubs but you have to choose the right kind for your skin type. If you have dry or sensitive skin you need a gentler scrub. In my opinion always opt for a gentler exfoliant. You never know how harsh it will be on your skin. Also when you do a scrub that uses granules or beads don’t use too much force. As for chemical exfoliation there are two kinds, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHA). These chemicals loosen the bonds between the skin cells. “Ungluing” as people say. BHA is great for oily or acne prone skin and AHA for dry skin. BHA can also help with cleaning out your pores and redness. I recently bought a BHA face gel from Paula’s Choice for my boyfriend to help with his redness and clogged pores. That’s the gist of exfoilators in the market now I will tell you what I use.batch_DSCF7008

I have two scrubs I’m using at the moment which are Lush Cosmetics Angels on Bare Skin and an AHA&BHA peeling jelly. I’ll alternate between these during the week. The Angels on Bare Skin is one of my favorite scrubs from Lush. It has ground almonds with a mix of herbal oils that is gentle and nourishing for my skin. It smells like a bundle of lavender. The AHA&BHA peeling Jelly is from a Japanese brand called DET Clear associated with the Meishoku Corporation. The peeling product I got was for sensitive skin and it is fragrance free, colorless, petroleum surfactant agent free, alcohol free, paraben free and mineral oil free. I know when I’m dealing with chemicals I want to go as gentle as possible. It’s a clear jelly and when you start rubbing it on your skin it clumps on to little rolls of dirt and dead skin cells. It sounds gross but afterwards your skin feels baby smooth.

det clear collage

Always after doing a scrub, moisturize your face. The new skin cells are gonna need extra nourishment. Also, because the dead skin cells are gone it’ll be easier for skin to absorb serums and other skin boosting creams. Keep in mind that too much scrubbing during the week can be drying, make your skin sensitive, and give you the opposite effect of what you wanted to treat in the first place, so do it in moderation. Let your skin rest and also let it protect your face!

Go get scrubbin’! 🙂

What do you want to know about makeup? Part 1- Primers

This is going to be the first of many part in the series “What do you want to know about makeup?” I’m really excited to write this because I can talk not just about reviews and how to’s but talk about what some of you might want to know about makeup. So, part 1 is going to be about primers. My friend asked me one day what primers were and the purpose of having one or how I would put it, why primers are essential to have in our makeup routine. I’m not sure when primers began to pop up, but I remember my first primer experience about 8 or 9 years ago when I was was looking around an asian cosmetic shop. It was a pore primer for people who had large pores around their nose and cheeks. I was amazed by the texture! It was powdery but it was a paste but not sticky but really silky to the touch. Oh my, It changed my world forever!

You have to know that there are many different kinds of primers out there some there. Some with texture like the one I described above but also one that are hydrating, matte, shimmering, dewy, glowy, tinted, whatever. The main purpose of primers is to prep your face for your next makeup routine. Like an artist preps the canvas for painting, makeup artist and non professionals alike need to set up our skin on which we are going to “paint” on. The better the base, the easier it is to apply your make up and possibly less product and reapplication. Investing in a good primer or primers that match your skin type is going to save you money! Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M! Dolla, dolla bills y’all. It’s a hard life fuelling my makeup addiction…

[kad_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/PBwAxmrE194″ ]

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

There are a lot of different primers for specific areas such as the entire face, nose and cheek area, eyes and lips. It can be a little overwhelming thinking about all these different textured and types of primers but let’s say that you like to put eyeshadow on everyday in your makeup routine and you don’t apply lipstick or pigmented lip products everyday then you should think about getting eye primer than a lip primer. Or if you put foundation on everyday and a simple cat liner then consider getting a face primer.

Sometimes I just use my L’Oréal UV Perfect ($14.90) sunscreen as a primer and when I’m feeling a little fancy I’ll whip out my Giorgio Armani Fluid Primer ($57.00) or if I feel like I need more coverage I just use any of my light BB creams with SPF.

Make Up Forever recently launched  an array of different kinds of skin enhancing/color correcting primers which I would love to try soon! So if you are in search of a good primer I would check those out and also the products I mentioned above.

Ooooo~ahhhh! I can’t wait to try them!

So be like Optimus Prime and prime away! Hahaha~

Why I wear sunscreen everyday…

Getting my tan on in sunny Thailand.

It’s typical in Korea during summer or on any sunny day to see a lot of women wear wide brim hats, parasol, big sunglasses, T-shirts over bikinis, face masks, gloves, and arm coverings because we are vampires… haha jokes but women here take UV rays seriously. An Asian beauty ‘secret’ that my mom would tell me was to avoid the sun and always wear sunscreen and I finally listened.

When I was younger, in my golden days of youth, when sunspots and wrinkles were never a care, I never wore sunscreen and never considered it important to put in on. Now I can see the results of my waywardness of not protecting my skin from the sun. My sunspots aren’t hugely noticeable to others but I can see it. I can cover it with my makeup but I know it’s there. Makes me a little sad…ah-wahh.

Sun spots on your skin can get worse if you don’t treat them and you’ll get even more if you don’t protect your face or anywhere on your skin from harmful UV rays. Sure you can fade them but preventing them from appearing is the most important! Sunscreen is cheaper than spot fading treatments and serums, so might as well take care of  what you have already so you don’t have to spend so much later. Whether I’m going to be outside for ten minutes or the whole day, I put on sunscreen every time.

So some of you already know this but for those that don’t this is what you need to know. There are two kinds of rays, UVA and UVB. To be simple, UVB rays will give you sunburns while UVA rays will go deep within the skin and destroy your face. It’s harsh but it’s always good to know these things. Why am I telling you this? You need to find sunscreens that will protect you from both these kinds of rays; UVA the most . UVA protection is labeled as e.g. PA +++.  The more +’s the more protection. Sunscreens that says ‘broad spectrum’ tells you that it will protect you from both kinds rays. Oh, also UVA rays can go through glass and clouds so there’s no running away from it.

The science in developing sunscreens have vastly improved for makeup junkies like you and me. There is a plethora of SPF infused makeup products. From lipstick to primers and foundation you have a whole selection of sun protectant products. They’re not like white clown makeup anymore! And it’s less tacky feeling and absorbs into your skin easily.

My BB creams and CC creams are SPF 35, my tinted sunscreen is SPF 50+, my primers are SPF 40, and foundations range from SPF 25 to 50. If the foundation I’m going to apply doesn’t have SPF then I prime my face with my tinted sunscreen or one of my face primers. It’s really convenient to have a SPF in your foundation so if you’re in a rush you don’t have to apply two things.

If you’re like me and love being out in the sun just make sure you’re taking care of your skin! Slap some SPF on and enjoy the day. Hope your day is sunny and awesome~