Budget mascara for flimsy lashes/Asian Eyes- Maybelline The Magnum Volum’Express

Hey everyone!
I received a gift from Maybelline Korea the other day from a contest I entered and one of the gift was the Magnum Volum’Express mascara. I’ve tried a lot of Maybelline mascaras in my life and I think this is the best one so far!


The brush looks like a spoon. Wide, flat and curved. I know that the Falsies, another Maybelline mascara, has a similar brush but with a flexible wand. I think this is kind of brush is really great for flimsy lashes, but also very good for Asian eyes. Because it’s not a rounded barrel it’s easy to just place the lashes on the flat part of the brush and sweep it up and not worry about getting the mascara brush all over your lids. We all know how frustrating that can be. Another reason that this mascara is great for flimsy lashes is the collagen formula. The collagen will bind to the lashes and temporarily thicken the appearance of your lashes. It’s most likely not going to make your lashes stronger permanently because it’s going to be washed off, but for a immediate effect of thicker and voluminous lashes it does the job. The formula is quick drying so if you’re in a hurry and have no time to let it dry between coats this is the mascara for you.

side view of the brush-curved and flat
Wide brush
The application is smooth and not clumpy. It does give you a voluminous effect but you do need to apply several coats. The mascara didn’t rub off or give me panda eyes at the end of the day. Washing the waterproof formula was a bit of a pain. I had a hard time getting it off even with eye makeup remover.   

You can get it for 11,200KRW at any Olive Young or Watsons in Korea. lif you’ve tried this mascara leave a comment on what you think about it 🙂 

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  1. I use this and I really enjoy it! I think it’s great for summer because if anything, it just falls of in chunks instead of getting watered down and smearing all over your face! I love your blog sarah! and i love your consistency!

  2. Nice article. Very impressive information on budget mascara

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