Benefit Roller Lash review


If your looking for a new mascara you should try out the latest lash curling mascara from Benefit cosmetics. I’ve tried the Roller Lash for over a month and I like it lot. The Roller Lash mascara has a patent-pending Hook’n’Roll brush. The brush is made of silicon with two different length bristles on either side of the curved brush that works through your all of your lashes. It comes in one color, ink black, and has a satiny finish to give it a natural look. Also, the best part I think is the brush wiper part. What I mean by ‘brush wiper part’, is that you don’t have to wipe your wand on the rim or a tissue to rid of any excess product. I know for some mascaras I use if I don’t wipe the wand it makes application messy and make me sad because I’m wasting product. Anyway the point is, when you take out the wand from the tube it has just enough product for 2-3 coats on both eyes. Another great feature is that you don’t need to curl your lashes! Woop woop! It will curl your lashes and hold it there for up to 12 hours. For a lazy girl like me one less step in my makeup routine is pretty awesome. It’s not like a dramatic curl but it does seem to lift and open my droopy eyelashes. Also, the formula is not clumpy so you can do multiple coats without having to worry about clumpy lashes. It’s a little pricey, it’s 24.00 USD and in Korea I paid 36,000 KRW at the department store. If you’re willing pay a little bit more for a decent mascara then check this one out!

Here’s how it performs on my eyes!

My natural lashes
With three coats of Benefit Roller Lash
Everything is looking up for this mascara!

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  2. This mascara looks great on you! I’ve been wanting to try it, especially since I love They’re Real!

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