Benefit Mascara Dupe? Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

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I will be reviewing Maybelline’s Lash Sensational-full fan effect mascara! Maybelline always comes out with so many daily-makeup-bag worthy mascaras and they did it again with one of their recent ones. The Lash Sensational mascara came out earlier this year in the States but Korea didn’t get it until a couple months ago I think. It claims to create layers of lashes to give your lashes a full fan look. It has a patented fanning brush with 10 layers of bristles. The bristles are the rubbery-silicone bristles that will brush through the lashes smoothly. Its a curved brush, the inside and the tip of the brush has short bristles while the outside curve has longer bristles. The brush is quite big when I first saw it but now I feel like its a manageable size for my lashes. If you have short lashes this might not be the best kind of brush for you. You can still get it but I think you won’t be able to utilise the brush as much as you could if you had medium to long lashes. The color is very black and the formula is quite wet and has a gel like texture so it does take a little longer to dry in my opinion.


On first application it defines my lashes and after a couple coats it gives a good voluminizing effect. Sadly it doesn’t really lengthen the lashes so if that’s what you want in a mascara then don’t get it. After curling my lashes and applying it, it held my lashes in place for the whole day and didn’t smudge or flake. At the end of the day washing it off was fairly easy, it kinda clumped off with some warm water and after getting the big clumps out of the way, with a cleanser I was able to easily wipe off the rest. One thing that bothers me it that when you pull out the bush, there’s just way too much product on the brush. For a sparce lashed lady like me that’s clump cit-tayyyy! So I did have to wipe the wand on the side and a tissue. Other than that I don’t really have an issue with the mascara. It does what it tells you it does and that’s what I look for in a product, honesty and not over hyping things.




Now in comparison to the Benefit Roller Lash mascara, I feel that the Lash Sensational could be a cheaper option of it. The brushes are very similar in that they have rubber bristles and have shorter bristles on the inside and longer ones on the outside. Application is also the same, use the shorter bristles on the roots of the lashes then sweep up with the longer side. They both hold the curl and separates the lashes. The differences would be the formula, Benefit is more lengthening and Maybelline is more voluminizing. Also just the size of the brush, Maybelline is quite big. Last is the price, Lash Sensational is less than 10 bucks while Roller Lash is over 20. You can see for yourself in the review I did for the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. For the price and drugstore quality, Lash Sensational is a super buy. In Korea you can get it for about 14,000KRW but on sale for about 9,100KRW. Good job Maybelline.

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