Beauty Talk! Why I Wear Makeup

Hey guys!

I have to ask this question. Why do you wear makeup? I think that there should only be one answer to this question. We wear makeup for one reason and that’s for ourselves and personal satisfaction. If this is not the reason you wear makeup then it’s time to reassess what is going in your heart and mind when you go and apply your foundation, mascara, or whatever it is that you’re not doing for yourself. As a makeup lover and enthusiast I’ve been told, have heard, and have read some things people think or say to those of us who wear makeup. Let me clear up any and all confusion that people have about makeup in this post. Here we go!


1. “You look so much better without makeup.”and/or “That’s a lot of makeup on your face!”


2. “Girls dress up and put on makeup to get attention from boys.”

My response: Ahahaha…No! Seriously, if you’re a guy and you think that girls put on makeup to impress you or other men then you need to snap out of your state of delusion. I personally find this hilarious and I will explain why in the next one.

3. When guys say things like,”I like it when girls look natural.” 

My response: Do you even know what you’re talking about? I have no idea what you mean by natural because “looking natural” takes so much more attention and effort than applying regular makeup. Sigh. I am 100% sure that if I ask a guy to show me a picture of this “natural look” she probably has makeup on.

4. “You have so much makeup”and “Why do you have so much makeup?” and “You bought more makeup?”

My response: Thank you, but no I don’t have that much considering how much variety is out on the market. To the second one is like asking someone why they have so much food and water. Also, it’s a very obvious question, why would anyone buy something they didn’t like.  If someone has a lot of something it probably means because they like it.  Third is yes, because it’s my money.

5. “Do you feel insecure without makeup?”

My response: No, and when did you become my therapist? Do you feel insecure with makeup? Cuz I think that’s more of a problem and people don’t think about as much as they do about the insecurities of people who do wear makeup.

6.  “You look so different” or “you look the same”

My response: Yes, obviously I didn’t use makeup to look the same. Second one *squinting eyes* I don’t know if it’s a compliment or insulting my makeup techniques.

7. “Girls trick boys about what they look like with makeup.”

My response: No, you only think that because you don’t know anything about makeup. There is no tricking or magic… It’s because you’re ignorant to what women really look like in real life.

Ok I think I should stop here for now, but you get the idea. If you’re going to put makeup on do it for you and If you don’t have any beneficial to say to those of us who like makeup then just don’t say it at all! I’m not the kind of person to say these things out loud but it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking it. Some people just don’t get it. I hope this was interesting and somewhat enlightening post for some of you. Thanks for reading!

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