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Hey guys! I’m here to day to review a lip line from Aritaum. Did you know that Aritaum is  derivation of “arittapda” which means beautiful in every way? Yeah I was just hanging out with my mom and I asked her if it had a meaning. Anyway, I go there so often I should know at least what the brand stands for! So, I’m going to review the Aritaum Jelly Bar lip tints today. It is a belated post because I didn’t post anything on Saturday. Here we go!


So I bought two Jelly Bars because they had a 50% off sale recently and I thought hey let’s spend more money on makeup! Each costs 9,500KRW which is not bad, but not great of a price for what it is, I’ll explain more later. It comes in a plastic lipstick container and each color has its own colored cap with the name of the shade printed on the front. Nothing special, but something about them look very refreshing, and if you looks at all of them together they look very visually appealing to me, hahaha.


First of all, the color choices are spectacular, there are 2o juicy colors to pick from. It was kinda hard to pick because the shades were similar, but also slightly different. So I kept going backhand forth between shades. But then again that means there’s bound to be a color for everyone. I eventually bought no.12 Kiss of Fire and no.20 Caffe Machiatto. All the colors are very translucent, but still pigmented enough to build up color on your lips. In Korea ‘jelly’ is ‘gummy’ so  I think that’s why it’s call jelly bar because the colors looks like colored gummy candy. It makes your lips look really yummy and juicy and firm. It sounds like I’m talking about steak… lol. None of the colors have glitter in them, just a faint shimmer that can’t be detected when applied to the lips. Also, the Jelly Bars are formulated with ceramides to keep your lips from drying out.


The texture is like a balm and the color melts with the heat of your lips. Also it’s not very sticky, so it’s comfortable to wear and apply. The Jelly Bar has a very shiny finish like a lip gloss and after the gloss fades it leaves a faint tint on the lips. This is the less impressive part, it doesn’t last very long. It’s one of those products that you seems to have to apply often. That’s why I thought 9,500KRW was a little expensive for what it is. Maybe if it was 8,000KRW I wouldn’t mind so much. But still I love how it makes my lips look and the colors are so gorgeous and fun to wear. It’s a very easy “throw in your everyday bag” product. Easy to wear, apply, not too bold or flashy, and 20 delicious colors to choose from.

Kiss of Fire, Caffe Macchiato

Jelly lips yay or nay?

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