Are you taking that #shamelessselfie?

“Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”
– Tina Fey, Bossypants


Hey everyone!

So I was debating if I wanted to blog about this but here it goes.

I take selfies and let’s be serious who hasn’t these days. Yeah, ok for those of you who are like I have never taken a selfie… go take a selfie and come back.

Moving on, I’ve been in discussions about why I take selfies and to be honest I really hate talking about it and having to explain why I do it, particularly when it’s pointed to make me feel that I have some kind of mental problem. But here I am now writing about it. I think after the articles about how taking selfies is linked with narcissism and mental health problems, many have jumped on that bandwagon and have started calling and thinking everyone who posts a selfie on social media is a narcissist or have self-esteem issues.

Narcissistic behavior to me is heart issue and yes, selfies and social media make it more visible to others. Do you know why? Because it’s social media, it’s public. I think that if a person already has these tendencies, even in a “selfie-less” world there are always going to be other outlets for them to act out their problematic behaviours. Narcissus had his reflection in the water and today we have smart phones.

I guess the point I’m getting to is that selfies are not the problem, it’s the heart. Narcissism doesn’t have room for others in their heart but only themselves and low self-esteem doesn’t have room to love themselves. So how does beauty tie into selfies? It doesn’t. Selfies don’t measure the beauty inside you. I could have a hundred likes on my selfie and what does it mean to me? Nothing. It’s just a picture of me with nice makeup. Hahaha. If you’re measuring your self-worth with likes on a selfie, your idea of beauty is a twisted one that needs to be addressed.

I think as we are beautiful people, we need to stop worrying about other people’s intentions of taking selfies and worry about where our own hearts are when we post a selfie on social media. Selfie or no selfie you will notice if someone has a problem. So I say, selfie on gorgeous people! You finally got your new highlighter? Dust it on and take a selfie. You grew a little moustache finally after growing it for 6 months? You deserve a selfie! You finally got your eyeliner to match? #selfie! I hope I got my point across. I might have gone too psychological for my own good. I’ll end with this quote from Francis Bacon, “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”

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