April Showers Bring Stila Convertible Color Palette- Review


April showers bring Stila convertible color flowers~

Hey y’all! So a few days ago I did a review on Stila’s nouveau natural eye shadow review and in this post I will be reviewing the Stila convertible color palette. The palette came out at the same time as the nouveau natural eye shadow palette as limited edition products for Spring 2015. The 12 floral inspired colors come in a square matte gold case with a nice big mirror inside. I was really excited to see the entire convertible colors in one palette! The convertible colors can be used as a lipstick or a cream blush. The convertible colors have been winners in InStyle magazine for many consecutive years for best cream blush. The texture is creamy and not sticky. It blends ever so nicely and it gives your cheeks and lips a nice pop of color. I’m a sucker for dewy skin and I love the how fresh it makes my cheeks look. Depending on the color and how much product you use you can create a bold colorful look or you can go sheer and subtle. The single colors are great but having 12 colors in one palette is amazing! You can mix and match colors or create an ombre lip with different shades. It’s a really fun palette to use. Also its great to take it when your travelling or on the go. The colors range from berry red to tangerine orange to brownish pink, so you’ll have a color for any occasion. I took two swatch pictures to show the dewy texture of the convertible colors in direct and non-direct lighting.

Top is under direct light and bottom is taken inside a soft box. Left to right: Lillium (nude pink), Magnolia (nude brown), Tulip (soft berry red), Camellia (peachy brown), Peony (brownish rose), Rose (rosy pink), Gladiola (bright orange cream), Peach Blossom (peach pink), Hibiscus (red coral), Gerbera (rosy peachy pink), Petunia (coral peach cream), Fuchsia (bright pink)
The best way to apply the colors from this palette is to use your fingers because the size of the color pans in the palette is too small to dip a cheek brush into. Some of the colors in the palette that are not in the permanent range are magnolia (nude brown), tulip (soft berry red), peach blossom (peach pink), and hibiscus (red coral). Two permanent colors that are not in the palette are poppy (berry red) and sweet pea (bright pink). My favorite colors in the palette are tulip (soft berry red), hibiscus (red coral), and petunia (coral peach cream). The palette is $49.00USD.

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