AHA a Day Keeps The Flakes Away!

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It’s been super cold lately and my skin gets so dry and flakey ever time I go outside. Winter is my worst enemy because I already have dry skin and then on top of that heating and cold dry wind messes up my whole skin balance. So these days I’ve been using a AHA cleaning oil to wash my face at night. This cleaning oil is a from a Japanese cosmetics brand called BCL. Now I’ll say from the get go, this product that I purchased was not what I expected. Probably because I didn’t do enough research before I bought it.


I know and many people know that Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA is a kind of exfoliant and can slough off dead skin and also helps reduce wrinkles and promotes collagen production. So AHA is a good ingredient to be in a moisturiser or used in chemical peels with the correct amount of AHA, which is about 5-8% for consumers and 20-30% used by a cosmetologist. However AHA is not very effective if used in a cleanser because AHA needs to be absorbed into the skin to work, but in a cleanser it ends up getting washed off. See where I’m going with this.

Moreover if in the ingredients list if the AHA ingredient isn’t listed in the beginning that means most likely there is an improper amount of AHA in the product. I could be less or maybe a little more than the correct amount that is effective or safe. But I’m going to say less because I don’t think companies would gamble on damaging their buyers skin. Anyway, after finding this precious information out, I was a little bit disappointed that I bought it. But the silver lining is that I learned something and I get to pass this information up to you. AHA as an exfoliant or in a moisturiser is good, AHA in a cleanser not so much.


So what my overall review on the cleanser I got? If I had to rate it I would give is 1.5 stars out of 5. It’s much thicker than other oil cleansers so it feels very moist, but you end up washing it away so there isn’t much point. It stings when it gets in my eyes so I have to be extra cautious if I want to clean off my eye makeup, and the oil doesn’t do a very good job of getting everything off. I would give it a 1 but it still cleans off some of the makeup, so yeah. The title of this blog post is correct, however this cleanser is not.

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  1. Glad that I found out this review. I’m thinking to buy this cleansing oil, thank god I haven’t pay it yet. Thank you so much for ytthe review.

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