18+ Naughtiness Ahead! Nude ‘tude Eye Shadow Palette Review and Comparison

Hey beauties!

Today I’m going to review the Nude ‘tude palette from The Balm Cosmetics. I already did a review about the Nude Dude eyeshadow palette and you can check that out by clicking the link here. I really should have gotten the ‘tude palette first since it was the first release, but I really liked the colors in the Nude Dude.


Anyway, the packaging is the same as the Nude Dude, sturdy cardboard case with a built in mirror, includes a decent dual ended eye shadow brush, and has 12 gorgeously naughty shades. Inside the the Nude ‘tude packaging there are illustrations of 6 pin up girls that inspire you to create a sultry look that will turn heads! I noticed that the fifth nudie lady is on the front packaging of the Nude Dude palette hehe.

The color variety is really good, you don’t just get 12 shades of brown. It ranges from white to pink and brown to deep wine colors. From swatching the eye shadows the top row is cool toned and the bottom row is warm toned. It’s good that you get a mix because to get the best nude look, in my opinion, you want a mix of warm and cool tones that will compliment each other. Also, the texture is a goo mix of mattes and shimmery eyeshadows, there is one color that looks a bit glittery. I think if you don’t like shimmery shadows then i suggest you don’t buy either the Nude Dude or the Nude ‘tude because out of the 12 eye shadows only 4 of them are matte. The pigmentation is great too. You get the color you dip into. The black shade is very black so you can use it as an eyeliner.


Here are the color profiles:


Sassy- Shimmery pure white. Good for the inner corner and to highlight the brow bone.

Stubborn- silvery light pink.

Selfish- shimmery cool taupe

Sophisticated- medium dark brown with gold shimmer

Sexy- matte wine color (bit on the brown side not too red)

Serious- matte black, good for lining and filling between the lashes before or after mascara.


Snobby- shimmery yellow gold

Stand-offish- shimmery warm beige pink

Sultry- matte light cocoa brown

Seductive- shimmery gold khaki brown

Silly- Reddish brown with gold copper glitter

Sleek- matte dark chocolate brown

So which is better, the Nude ‘tude or the Nude Dude? It’s really hard because the quality of both are is the excellent and the packaging is super cute. Both are worth getting and usable for everyday looks. Both palettes cost $36.00USD, on Memebox it’s 45,000KRW. To be honest it would have to be your preference in color. But I will say that I think that with the Nude Dude palette it might be easier to achieve a nude look because it has two light matte colors and two dark matte shades while the matte shades in the Nude ‘tude are all dark colors. My personal preference, if i had to choose, would be the Nude Dude. Let me know what you like in the comments below! I hope this review helped you.

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