10 Minute Tea Time For Your Skin!

Hey Oh My Glossers! It’s getting hot and a tad dry in Korea, and my skin has been very thirsty. So, every so often right after taking a shower I’ve been having tea time for my skin. What does that mean? I’ve been using the Black Tea and Black Rose Mask from Dear Packer. Dear Packer is a Korean brand manufactured my LG Health Care. They have a lot of products that are different country themed, which I’m very curious to try in the future.


The mask is a gel type and comes in a plastic tub. I got the Dear Packer X Miffy collab edition so it has a cute picture of Miffy on the lid. The original packaging has a cute teapot and tea cup motif. When you open the lid it smells divine! It’s very fragrant because of the rose and ceylon extracts. The smell has an aromatherapy effect so it’s perfect for winding down after a long day. The mask also has bits of real ceylon so you know it’s the real deal.


The ceylon and rose extract helps with skin elasticity, enlarged pores, ¬†soothing, softening, and purifying the skin. The mask is 35% rose extract and 35% black extract, and it has a blend of aroma oils like camomile, rosemary, lavender, sweet almond oil, Damask rose oil, just to name a few. A lot of ingredients to nourish and refresh your skin. Also, because it’s a gel type mask it’s very cooling and really great after a warm shower.


To apply I use the plastic scooper and take 3 spoonful and place it on my forehead and cheeks and I smooth it all over with my fingers. Then I just wait 10 mins and wash it off with lukewarm water. After the mask my skin feels super soft, smooth, and moist. Also applying the mask before I do my makeup helps with the dryness that I get throughout the day. At first there was a slight tingly feeling, but it went away and nothing seemed wrong with my skin. You can use this mask in three different ways too. You can wash it off, use it as a gentle tea leaf scrub, or use it as a sleeping mask. For 50ml it costs 38,000KRW, it’s a little pricy for a gel mask, but if you think about how much the Fresh Rose Mask is (64.00USD) the Dear Packer one is a bargain. I just love the convenience of this mask so I highly recommend it to you guys!oh

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