1 Thing You Should Never Buy At the Airport or On a Plane

Hello from Indonesia!

I’m blogging while on vacation, that’s what I call dedication… hahaha. Anyway, I travel overseas on occasion and part of the excitement of travelling is the duty free shopping. Can I get an mmmhmmm? It’s my favourite part of going to the airport. Also, the first thing I grab to read on the plane is the airline shopping catalogue. It’s usually always the same thing a little modified, but still I just like looking at it. I’ve bought things here and there and I wanted to share today about this thing you shouldn’t get at the airport or on the plane.

TRAVEL MAKEUP PALETTES. They are the worst thing ever. (My opinion of course)  

At first glance it seems like a good deal and the sleek compartmental and organised design is very tempting but it’s a trap! I bought a Chanel travel makeup palette a long time a go and it’s just been gathering dust. I actually gave it to my mom because I wasn’t using it and she gave it back to me because she didn’t use it either. Hahaha. Maybe it was the color choice I picked but the colors were not pigmented, very sheer and the blush was in the middle of everything so it’s a little difficult to get just that product on the brush. Also, everything gets gets everywhere. Eye shadows are in the lipgloss, blush is in the eye shadow, lipgloss is on the mirror. Meh, seriously it’s not worth it.

I think instead of getting a little bit of everything, just get the individual makeup products that you want and need. You won’t be wasting your money. I’ve learned from my mistake and I hope you won’t make the same mistake when you travel.

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