Thank You Farmer – Back To Iceland Cleansing Water & Peeling Cream

Hey guys! I am going to talk about two products from Thank You Farmer. This brand is pretty well known among the K-beauty community outside of Korea and there’s a steady brand following among the Korean consumers here. Thank You Farmer’s branding comes from the honesty that farmers represent and the natural ingredients they use […]

EUNOGO – My Aqua Shine Injection Experience

Hi! This is going to be an interesting post because it’s not a product review. Well actually in some ways it is, it is a service/procedure review. I was able to this treatment through sponsorship from Eunogo, an award-winning Korean medical care concierge service. On their website I was able to browse though the facials, […]

11 Huesday Ultradeep Finest Serum Review

Hello, Happy Huesday! Today I will be reviewing two serums from a Korean skincare brand, Eleven Huesday. Eleven Huesday is a trademark of TMC Korea a company that specializes in trading, marketing, and consulting company for aesthetic & medical industry. With that experience they have researched and created their own skincare line so that the […]

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