Hey guys! I know some of you have been waiting for this review and I’m super excited to share about it. IOPE has launched their 4th generation cushions this month and I was super excited to get my hands on one of the four kinds they came out with. The previous IOPE Air Cushion XP had 5 different finishes depending on the shade. You can just think of the new Air Cushions as an upgraded version of the old XP. The effects are the same like whitening, 50SPF PA+++ UV protection, and wrinkle care. These new cushion focus on coverage, radiance, and long-lasting wear. Let’s delve in to the review!


What’s so special about the new Air Cushions? Instead of mineral water it contains Bio Water that contains 5 kinds of electrolytes, Na-K-Mg-Ca-Cl, helps with smooth applications as well as hydrating the skin and retaining the water outside and inside the skin. It is also formulated with IOPE’s patented Air Cover Powder helps give strong but light weight coverage that adheres to the skin smoothly and closely without clumps. It also has a Perfect-Fit Coating system that helps keep the product in place and not break over time. It also gives a natural sheen and coverage.


Let’s talk about the packaging. The case has a pearly white finish and has rounded edges on top that makes it look very chic and modern. All of the cushion types are color coded, silver is natural glow, blue is moisture lasting, orange is intense cover, and silver-white is matte longwear. You can change the refills as well so you can fit an intense cover refill into a natural glow cushion case. Moving on, the new cushions are slightly slimmer and less chunky looking than the older versions as well as other Amore Pacific brand cushions. Now this means that the new refills will not fit into the old IOPE Air Cushion XP cases. To make up for the slimmer case the refill has gotten wider, so it’s too big for the IOPE XP case. This is a bummer because you could have bought just the refill and not pay for a new case. IOPE was smart enough not to let that happen and make me spend more money than necessary. Nevertheless, I do love the new packaging because it’s less clunky looking and saves a little bit more room in my bag.


I should also mention that the sponge puff is smaller too. I was comparing it to the Laneige puff and it is 10% smaller. I’ll just say off the bat that I don’t like it. I like big puffs and I cannot lie because other sisters can’t deny that ain’t nobody got time for a small puff when you’re rushing out the door! Also I don’t know if it’s because of the puff size or texture overtime I pat onto the skin it leaves a edge marks which I have to go over again. It’s kind of annoying, but I can deal with it. The sponge that hold the product has also changed. It is much firmer and is textured with 3D circular bumps. I think it helps get the product all over the puff instead of just where you’re pressing in. Also it creates a stippling effect, so as you pat the puff over the face the product is stamped evenly and it shows where you need to go over more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.29.54 PM.png
A guide in what cushion to choose. Natural glow is in the middle and if you want more coverage then select Intense Cover. If you want more moisture then get the Moisture Lasting. For better adherence and longevity then get the Matte Long Wear

Of the four types I bought the Matte Long Wear only because I really liked how the Laneige Pore Control BB cushion was and I wanted to see how it compared and also it will soon be hot and humid in the up coming summer months in Seoul. I also about the shade in W23. There are new shade numbers as well. C13 is cool ivory, W21/23 is warm beige/warm sand, N21/23 is natural beige/natural sand. The natural shade is slightly more lighter and yellowy  so I didn’t get it. Even the W23 is still a shade and a half lighter than I’d like it to be. The smell is fresh almost sweet to me. It dries pretty fast and it adheres really well to the skin. To the touch it feels moist but not greasy or oily. For my dry skin it feels a tad tight, but I’m hoping that the humidity during summer would relive some of the tension when I wear it. It’s not an uncomfortable feeling, just when I’m using facial expressions I can fell a little tightness. For oily to combination skin this would be pretty perfect in my opinion. There isn’t much glow because it is a matte finish it just looks very healthy and has a real like texture and sheen. The coverage is very good you can apply more throughout the day if you feel the need to without looking cakey. The cushion held very well throughout the day I touched up after 8 hours of wearing it and there wasn’t much to touch up. It didn’t move into the lines around my eyes either. I would say that it delivers what it says it does.


I am thoroughly impressed by this cushion, I would really like to try out the lasting moisture because I have dry skin. The cushion is 42,000KRW which comes with a filled case and an extra refill; the refill itself costs 19,000KRW. I want more shades!!! It’s incredibly annoying to have to settle with the darkest shade they have. That’s for another time… Anyway, I give the Air Cushion my approval and a thumbs up! I know how improvements can mess up what was already good, but IOPE did a good job in simplifying the Cushion buying process.

it really looks like my skin just less shiny and more even toned. 

Which one would you pick to try, Natural Glow, Intense cover, Matte Long Wear,  or Lasting Moisture?